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Experience seamless management in the booming ready-mix industry with Techsiera's cutting-edge ERP solution, RMC ERP.

As the global demand for concrete ready-mix soars in the construction sector, our comprehensive software is designed to streamline processes for ready-mix companies. 

Elevate operational efficiency, empower decision-making, and enjoy a user-friendly interface with RMC ERP—a solution crafted to enhance your business effortlessly.

Empower your team, streamline your workflow!

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RMC ERP seamlessly connects every aspect of your operation

From the precision of batching plant data to the efficiency of fleet management, RMC ERP captures and utilizes critical information to streamline your business and optimize every step.

Unify your data, empower your decisions

RMC ERP bridges the gap between precise mix design and real-time quality control, giving you complete visibility into your production and delivery processes. Make informed decisions, optimize resources, and deliver exceptional concrete, every time.

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RMC ERP goes beyond traditional ERP. It digs deep into the heart of your ready-mix operation, capturing data directly from the batching plant, ensuring flawless mix design and rigorous quality control. Plus, it tracks your fleet in real-time, optimizing efficiency and ensuring timely deliveries.

From batching to delivery, RMC ERP has you covered. Manage every aspect of your ready-mix business with confidence. Track material usage, monitor quality at every stage, and optimize fleet movements - all within a single, integrated platform.

Focus on actionable insights

Don't just collect data, gain actionable insights with RMC ERP's advanced dashboards and reports. Gain instant overviews of key performance indicators through visually stunning dashboards, then drill down into comprehensive reports like Sales, Purchases, Inventory Valuation, Fleet, and HR. Make informed decisions faster and optimize every aspect of your business.



RMC 360 ERP system effortlessly connects with its sales and distribution module, ensuring a seamless flow of information and a unified approach to managing operations across single-site or multi-site organizations."


Take control of your inventory: Master stock levels with a powerful and flexible set of tools. Say goodbye to guesswork and optimize stock levels for smooth operations and financial efficiency. Get real-time insights into your inventory with comprehensive reporting, making informed decisions about stock levels and ordering


The RMC 360 Purchase module simplifies procurement for raw materials, packaging, subassemblies, and non-inventory items. It connects seamlessly with inventory control and production planning for a smooth operation


Streamline Your ReadyMix Concrete Plant Operations: Our Production Module Handles Planning, Quality Testing, and Delivery." This option highlights the practical benefits of the module for ReadyMix Concrete businesses


RMC360 streamlines quality control throughout your entire production process. From the moment raw materials arrive to the final inspections before shipment, RMC360 provides the tools and resources needed to ensure consistent quality at every step.


RMC360 ERP's dispatch management system offers unparalleled flexibility, supporting every stage of your production journey. Manage raw material receiving, intermediate production, and final product inspections with ease, guaranteeing quality and customer satisfaction.


RMC 360 ERP's dispatch management system offers unparalleled flexibility, supporting every stage of your production journey. Manage raw material receiving, intermediate production, and final product inspections with ease, guaranteeing quality and customer satisfaction.


Take control of your finances with our all-in-one Finance Management Module. Simplify accounting, generate insightful reports, and make data-driven decisions. Consolidate financial data from all departments, automate tasks, and generate custom reports with our flexible Finance Management Module.


The Human Resource Management Module boasts a wealth of features that seamlessly integrate with other systems. It provides comprehensive solutions for workforce management, empowering collaboration across departments.

GPS Tracking

Take control of your fleet in real-time. Our GPS tracking system delivers instant insights on every vehicle, seamlessly integrate with your ERP solution for next-level fleet management.


TechSiera has created a module that automates the real-time posting of e-waybills with Bayan e-waybill. The module can be used to automate the posting of e-waybills in a variety of ways, such as by integrating with existing systems or by manually posting e-waybills. The module also allows users to download and view e-waybills that have been posted.


By seamlessly integrating e-invoicing into your ERP360 ERP, you'll reap significant efficiency gains, cost savings, and compliance benefits. Mitigate errors and ensure compliance with tax regulations. It will ensure adherence to mandatory e-invoicing regulations in various countries.


Maintaining a ready-mix concrete plant requires meticulous attention to detail. From ensuring optimal equipment performance to preventing vehicle breakdowns, a robust maintenance program is crucial for uninterrupted production and on-time deliveries. 

Here's how a dedicated maintenance module within your existing ERP system can streamline your operations and keep your concrete flowing


Ready to streamline your concrete pump operations and achieve peak efficiency? Introducing the Concrete Pump Management Module, seamlessly integrated with your ready-mix concrete ERP for unparalleled control and visibility.

Ready to pour the foundation for a more efficient and profitable concrete pumping operation? Contact us today to discover the power of the Concrete Pump Management Module!


Streamline operations, optimize maintenance, and maximize asset lifespan with our comprehensive Assets Management module, designed specifically for the ready mix concrete industry.

Ready to take control of your assets? Contact us today to learn more about our Assets Management module.


Optimize Material Flow and Ensure Accuracy with a Robust Weighbridge Management Module

Unlock the full potential of your Ready Mix Concrete operations with a Weighbridge Management Module that delivers precision, efficiency, and control.


Streamline Operations and Pour Concrete Success with the Planning Management Module

Take control of your production and delivery schedules with precision and efficiency. Our Planning module empowers you to Optimize Production Scheduling, Ensure Timely Deliveries and Manage Resources Efficiently.


Take Control of Labor Costs and Productivity with Streamlined Timesheet Management

Efficiently track, manage, and analyze employee time with our integrated timesheet module, specifically designed for the unique needs of the ready-mix concrete industry.


Streamline Gate Operations and Optimize Concrete Delivery with a Robust Gate Management Module

Take control of your ready mix concrete deliveries and enhance efficiency at the gate with our integrated gate management module.


Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Reports, Hello to ERP 360's Reporting Revolution

Forget complex reporting systems and endless paper stacks. ERP 360 puts the power of insightful reports right at your fingertips. Its user-friendly interface lets you easily select the data you need, from specific plants to date ranges, and generate a tailored report in seconds.


Gain Real-Time Visibility, Drive Profitability with RMC360 ERP Dashboard.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with RMC360's Powerful ERP Dashboard.

  • Sales & Finance At-a-Glance
  • Inventory Intelligence:
  • Fleet Optimization

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Get access to all modules and features, unlock unlimited customization, and enjoy 24/7 support with RMC-360. Contact us today for a free demo!

Core Offerings

Production : From Planning to Perfection: Reframing Production Management Features

1. Optimize Your Workflow:

​Production Schedule: Visualize your entire production process with a clear and customizable schedule. Drag and drop ​orders, manage deadlines, and avoid bottlenecks.
​Work Order Management: Streamline order workflow from creation to completion. Track progress, assign resources, and ensure timely delivery.

2. Master Material Management:

Raw Material Planning: Predict material needs based on production schedules and avoid stockouts. Optimize ​​purchasing and ensure smooth operations.
Automatic PR Generation: Generate purchase requisitions automatically based on planned production, saving time ​and reducing errors.

3. Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Waste:

Plant Maintenance: Schedule preventive maintenance to avoid costly breakdowns and keep production running smoothly.
Wastage & Rework Reporting: Gain insights into waste and rework to identify areas for improvement and optimize production processes. 
Boost productivity and efficiency: Reduce manual tasks, optimize workflows, and make data-driven decisions.
Minimize waste and rework: Identify inefficiencies and implement corrective actions to improve quality and profitability.
Increase production capacity: Optimize scheduling and resource allocation to meet growing demand.

Quality Control : Building Quality from the Ground Up: Reframing Quality Control Features

Ensuring the highest quality concrete is crucial for any construction project.

Precise Design Mix:

Specially formulated: Our expert engineers tailor the mix design to your project's specific requirements, ensuring optimal strength, durability, and performance.

Rigorous Material Testing:

Cement: Every batch of cement undergoes rigorous testing for strength, fineness, and chemical composition, guaranteeing consistent quality.
Concrete: Fresh concrete is tested for slump, air content, and strength to ensure it meets the designed specifications.
Aggregates: Crushed stone, sand, and other components are carefully selected and tested for size, strength, and cleanliness, ensuring optimal performance in the mix.

Moisture and Density Control:

Moisture: Precise moisture content is crucial for proper hydration and setting. We use advanced technology to monitor and adjust moisture levels for optimal results.
Density: Proper compaction ensures a strong and durable concrete structure. We use advanced equipment to measure and control density throughout the pouring process.

Temperature and Fineness Control:

Temperature: Concrete temperature plays a vital role in setting and strength development. We monitor and control temperatures to ensure optimal curing conditions.
Fineness: Cement fineness affects workability and strength. We use sophisticated grinders to achieve the desired fineness for each mix.

Advanced Testing Methods:

Dry Loose Density: This test determines the packing density of dry aggregates, crucial for mix design and material optimization.
Impact Value: This test measures the resistance of aggregates to impact, ensuring their durability in harsh conditions.
Image of impact value testing machine
Trial Mixes: Before large-scale production, we conduct trial mixes to verify the design and adjust proportions if needed.
Sieve Analysis: This test determines the size distribution of aggregates, ensuring proper gradation for optimal strength and workability.

By implementing these rigorous quality control measures, we ensure every batch of concrete meets the highest standards for strength, durability, and performance. This translates to:

Longer-lasting structures: Our quality control methods extend the lifespan of your concrete structures, saving you money on repairs and maintenance.
Enhanced safety and reliability: Consistent quality ensures your structures meet safety codes and regulations, protecting occupants and users.
Improved project efficiency: Minimized rework and delays due to quality issues keep your project on track and within budget.

Fleet Management : Optimize Your Concrete Delivery Operations with a Connected Fleet

From tires to tracking, take control of your fleet and boost efficiency with:

Streamlined Parts & Tires Management: Never get caught unprepared. Manage inventory, schedule replacements, and ensure your fleet is always moving.
Proactive Maintenance: Stay ahead of breakdowns with automated service and maintenance schedules. Maximize uptime and minimize repair costs.
Insurance Made Easy: Simplify insurance management and stay compliant.
Precise Inventory Control: Get accurate inbound materials with Weighbridge integration. No more guesswork, just optimal stock levels.
Automated Batching Plants: Streamline production and minimize human error with plant automation.
Real-time Data at Your Fingertips: Capture data automatically and gain valuable insights into your fleet.
Effortless Dispatch Management: Assign trucks, optimize routes, and track deliveries in real-time. All from one central platform.
Full Visibility with GPS Monitoring: See your fleet's location, driver details, and trip data instantly. React quickly to issues and improve customer satisfaction.
Pump Dispatch on Point: Manage pump deployment efficiently and ensure timely concrete delivery to every site.

GPS Tracking : See Your Fleet, Know Your Drivers, Deliver on Time: RMC360's GPS Advantage 

Forget the blind spots. RMC360's powerful GPS monitoring turns your fleet into a transparent network, giving you real-time insights that optimize operations and delight customers.

Here's what you get:

​Live Location Tracking: See every truck on a map, in real-time. No more dispatching into the void!
​Driver Insights: Monitor driver behavior, track hours, and ensure compliance for a safer, more efficient fleet.
​Trip Transparency: Trace every route, understand delivery times, and identify areas for improvement.
​Fuel Efficiency at Your Fingertips: Track fuel usage, combat waste, and optimize routes for maximum savings.
​Instant Alerts: Stay informed about emergencies, breakdowns, and deviations, allowing for quick and informed action.
​Predictable Arrivals: Give customers accurate ETAs, build trust, and keep your deliveries on schedule.

​With RMC360's GPS, you're not just managing a fleet, you're leading a connected team. Optimize routes, improve ​​driver performance, and deliver exceptional customer service – all from the comfort of your control center.

Unleash Full Business Control with RMC360's All-in-One ERP powered by Odoo

Ditch the data silos and unlock a seamless, integrated management experience with RMC360, your complete Odoo-powered ERP solution.

Boost Sales & Customer Relationships:

CRM Powerhouse: Manage leads, nurture pipelines, and close deals efficiently with robust CRM tools.
Sales Insights & Control: Analyze sales performance, set credit limits, and optimize pricing strategies.

Master your Financials & Inventory:

Compliance Built-In: Stay worry-free with GST & VAT-compliant accounting modules.
Batch Management Precision: Track raw materials, monitor production, and optimize stock levels with ease.

Empower Your People:

HR & Payroll Simplified: Manage leaves, loans, pay slips, timesheets, and attendance seamlessly.
Employee Engagement: Foster a positive work environment with intuitive HR tools.

Gain Clarity & Make Data-Driven Decisions:

Real-time Visibility: Access crucial insights through comprehensive dashboards and reports.
Informed Strategies: Analyze data across departments and make confident decisions for continued growth.

RMC360 Goes Beyond:

Unlimited Customization: Tailor the system to your unique needs and workflows.
24/7 Support: Get reliable assistance whenever you need it.

Experience the RMC360 difference:

One system, one truth: Eliminate data redundancy and streamline operations.
Increased efficiency and productivity: Save time and resources with automated processes.
Improved decision-making: Gain real-time insights to make data-driven choices.
Enhanced customer satisfaction: Deliver exceptional service with seamless communication and visibility.

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