Industry Connect Internship Program

Industry Connect Internship Program

Kickstart your IT career with our industry-leading on-the-job internship program, led by experienced software engineers. 

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Last Update 27/10/2023
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Programme set by Software Development Companies

The Industry Connect Internship Program is a practical course that helps people get their first job in software development. It is executed by experienced software developers and IT professionals who share their knowledge and experience from the industry. The program was started to help small groups learn the Python development skills used in the commercial world, but it has been expanded to include essential interpersonal skills for software developers.

The program is unique because it provides participants with the opportunity to gain real-world project experience throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including client meetings, requirements analysis, solution design, coding, testing, and support. Participants are guided by experienced developers and receive hands-on coaching, one-on-one mentoring, and practical advice throughout the program.

The Job-Ready Program also provides real-world insights into working in the IT industry. Participants learn key industry terms and communication techniques, and they build valuable personal industry connections. The program also provides assistance with job hunting, including CV preparation and interview techniques. Upon successful completion of the program and internship, participants receive a reference letter to endorse their commercial project development experience.

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